Alasdair Rhind Funeral Directors

TELEPHONE: 01862 892521

24hrs 7 days a week
Tain: 01862 892521
Dingwall: 01349 866199

Limousine Transport

In these modern times transport to the Church and the cemetery for family members is an essential requirement. In this respect Alasdair Rhind Funeral Directors are equipped with our own vehicles, ensuring that there is no confusion between hire companies, or who is responsible for arranging the hires and in delivery or pickup of the vehicles on the day.

As an integral part of the service we provide our own skilled drivers, who collect their passengers at prearranged addresses, look after them throughout the journey points and deliver you to your destination at the end of proceedings.

We own and maintain our own fleet of vehicles which include:-

  • Classic Style Hearse
  • Six Passenger Limousine
  • Seven Passenger People Carrier
  • Five Passenger Saloon

Should you decide to use our limousine service you can be assured of best attention throughout the proceedings. At no time will you be expected to find your own way to the Church, crematorium, cemetery or any other prearranged destination.

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