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Costs and Charges

Funeral Directors Costs
The Funeral Director will advise on costs and charges to be incurred culminating in a full written estimate and confirmation of funeral arrangements prior to the funeral taking place if required. The funeral account is divided into two separate parts, the funeral director's charges and disbursements paid on the client's behalf.

Funeral Directors charges will include overhead costs, professional services in making the funeral arrangements and arranging necessary documentation and personal attendances. The provision of a 24 hour personal service by qualified professional staff, provision of quality premises and vehicles to ensure the highest standards and service are provided.

When arranging the funeral the client must, if required, be advised on the cost of a basic simple funeral as advised by N.A.F.D. and S.A.I.F. codes of practice, which should include:-

  1. A coffin fitted and lined as is customary locally for burial or cremation.
  2. Conveyance of the deceased from a local address.
  3. Provision of a hearse to a local Cemetery or Crematorium and necessary conductors and bearers.
  4. Care of deceased and provision of robe.
  5. Attending to all necessary arrangements, with professional services and attendance.

Other services the Funeral Director can provide in addition to the basic simple funeral normally include:-

  1. Better quality coffin with superior lining and fittings
  2. Use of facilities i.e., Rest Room for viewing.
  3. Provision of limousines.
  4. Cremation Caskets.
  5. Conveyance of deceased to home address or church.
  6. Newspaper Intimations, Flowers, Refreshments.

Disbursements are essentially fees that the Funeral Director pays out on behalf of the client. These fall into two categories necessary and optional disbursements.

Necessary Disbursements include Cemetery and Crematorium Fees, Doctor's Fees for Cremation and Church Fees.

Optional Disbursements can include Floral Tributes, Catering, Press Notices, Coaches and Mini Buses (when a client is applying to the Social Fund for assistance with the funeral account optional disbursements should be kept to a minimum).

Paying for the funeral
Prior to arranging a funeral it is important to enquire into funds available from the deceased's estate. Clients should discuss privately about Insurances, Bank Accounts, Personal Pensions or other sources where funds may be available to ensure the funeral ordered can be paid. The Funeral Director will advise on company policy regarding credit facilities.

Help with funeral costs from the Social Fund
The Government change the rules and regulations about the eligibility criteria in respect to claims from the Social Fund every few years, therefore, it should be discussed with the Funeral Director if you intend to apply for assistance, so he can advise on:-

  1. Who is eligible to apply for assistance?
  2. How to obtain the claim forms and explain procedures.
  3. The sum of money the applicant will receive, what this covers if the claim is successful and advise on any outstanding balances.
  4. The appropriate funeral should he think the claim will fail.
  5. Company policy on paying by instalments where it is proven there is genuine hardship.

A Monumental Memorial is a life long tribute to a loved one therefore time, care and professional advice will help you arrive at a pleasing solution.

Traditional Stones

Bible Stones

Flower Tablets

Flower Vases

Many alternative monument styles are available. Please enquire for further details.

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