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Care of Deceased

The most important duty that I the Funeral Director am entrusted with is the responsibility of looking after the loved one of a bereaved family. I as a professional Funeral Director employ qualified Nurses who are highly trained and experienced in this specialised area. When death occurs at home, the Funeral Director will advise, if necessary, that the deceased is removed to the rest room for preparation and care. Time permitting and providing documentation is complete, normally the coffin can be taken home the same day if so required. This will allow time to prepare the room in which the deceased is going to rest. When death occurs in hospital, nursing home etc. and documentation is complete, the deceased is always taken to the rest room to carry out the necessary preparation, before going to House, Church or remaining in Rest Room. The Funeral Director will discuss with you what you would like the deceased dressed in i.e., Robe, Nightdress, Suit etc.

The last time you saw a loved one might have been a distressing memory, perhaps in hospital or for the purposes of identification. In any event I believe that, in asking me to look after a member of your family, you would like to be certain that the best that could be done for your relative has been done whether you wish to visit the deceased before the funeral or not.

Relatives and friends often wish to visit the deceased and pay their last respects before the day of the funeral. We will only allow this on the specific request of you the family.

Procurator Fiscal

In the event of a sudden or unexpected death the Doctor may not issue a medical certificate of death. Legally he must report the death to the Procurator Fiscal, who in turn will investigate the circumstances surrounding the death. Procurator Fiscal's procedures differ slightly from area to area, therefore it is best to seek the advice of the Funeral Director who will be fully conversant with these procedures and will advise accordingly.

The role of the Procurator Fiscal investigation of deaths and information for bereaved relatives is now available via a link on the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal's website -


Information required will be:-

Is there an existing lair? If so, the name of the Cemetery and is the Lair Certificate available?

How many people are in the Lair(s)?

When there is an existing lair but no Lair Certificate information required will be the name of the cemetery, name, address and date of death of the last interment.

To purchase a New Lair information required will be, name of Cemetery and the name and address of the Lair Holder.

Application, Transfer and Indemnity Forms to be completed where applicable.

I will advise on Local Authority rules, regulations and costs pertaining to the Cemetery required.


The client should decide which Crematorium they wish to use. The Funeral Director will advise on rules, regulations, costs and services provided pertaining to the Crematorium required.

Cremation Forms

Place and circumstance of death determine the forms required by the Cremation Authorities. In Scotland these normally include:-

Application for Cremation (Form A) Signed by an Executor or Next Of kin.

Certificate of Registration of Death (Form 14) from the Registrar.

Medical forms "B&C" completed by the Doctors (There is a charge for these forms) or Procurator Fiscal's (form El), where applicable (no charge for El form). The Funeral Director will advise on forms required when the death occurs outside Scotland.

Cremated Remains

Disposal of cremated remains is a personal choice and thought must be given prior to the cremation taking place. Choices include the following:

Scattered in the Garden of Remembrance at a Crematorium.

Scattered at a favourite place of the deceased.

Interred in a Cemetery or private piece of ground.

To keep the remains at home.

Retained by the Funeral Director until a decision is made.

I the Funeral Director will advise on services provided by the Crematoria i.e. Book of Remembrance, Plaques, Rose Bushes etc.

When cremated remains are to be forwarded abroad or within the UK it is advisable to allow the Funeral Director to arrange this.

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