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In Scotland a death may be registered:-

  1. In the Registration district in which the death took place.
  2. In the Registration district of the deceased's home address.


The death must be registered within eight days but it is desirable to have the death registered as soon as possible. A death must be registered before cremation or burial takes place.

By whom?

A death is normally registered by a relative, executor or other legal representative or any other person possessing the information needed for the registration.

Documents required by Registrar:

  1. Medical Certificate of cause of death.
  2. Deceased's Birth and Marriage Certificate (if available).
  3. NHS medical card (if available).

Registrar will issue:

  1. A Certificate of Registration of death (form 14) which is given to the Funeral Director.
  2. Extracts for Insurance Companies, Banks, Building Societies etc. (A charge is made per Extract).
  3. Information regarding the Tell us Once Service for informing the Benefits Agency i.e., Pension and other Benefits Deceased may have been receiving.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

To purchase a pre-paid funeral plan, enquire what the plan provides and costs involved prior to making a decision, contact Alasdair Rhind your local independent Funeral Director who will arrange an appointment to discuss the type of plan he recommends suitable to your requirements.

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